Chardham Yatra with Uttarakhand Holidays

Chardham Yatra a Journey To The Deliverance

Chardham Yatra with Uttarakhand Holidays

Chardham yatra is a religious journey in India. This journey is very much popular as it is a believe that anyone who travel all the sacred spots which comes in this yatra got free from all the cycles of life and hedonism or materialism and visitor will go lead a step towards the salvation. “Chardham yatra” this word comes from the Vedas of Hinduism and if we split the word chardham then we got char and dham where char is known as numeric four and dham stands for holy temples. So chardham means four holy sacred spots which are located in the land of the Uttarakhand in India. The four sacred spots which come in this chardham yatra are Shri badrinath ji which is a sacred spot of lord Vishnu where there is a holy scripture of lord Vishnu is established and lord laxmi ji who is lord of money is established in a form of tree as well and another sacred spot is known as Shri badrinath ji which is a sacred spot of lord Shiv ji who is also known as lord of the life and death are situated in the form of rock (Shivlinga) in this place and the third place is Shri gangotri ji who is situated in the form of the river and it is a believe that this river washes all the sins of a man which are done by the people in their life. The last but not the least holy temple in chardham yatra is Shri yamunotri ji who is a godly mother of Hindus and situated in a form of hot river in the cold region of Uttarkashi district of the Uttarakhand.

Chardham yatra should be done in clockwise direction as all these sacred spots are situated in the four corners of the uttarakhand. So, that visitor would get most of the virtuous deeds. All these sacred spots are situated in the valley of Himalayas region and they are not easily accessible. Due to this region some travel companies designed a special packages so that everyone can visit all these sacred spots easily and provide lots of security and care for the people so that it will be the most happy and joyful journey for the people and they travel each holy temples easily and comfortably. The package which contains all these spots with lots of facilities is popularly known as chardham yatra packages by Uttarakhand holidays.

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